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Heartshape Scrunchie in Crimson Red

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A sustainable blend of style and sentimentality, this enchanting accessory is fashioned from scrap fabric sourced from custom Odette dress orders. Each scrunchie not only adds a whimsical touch to your hairstyle but also carries a story of eco-conscious fashion. With its heart-shaped design and soft, high-quality fabric, the Heartshape Scrunchie promises to infuse your look with romance and charm. Embrace sustainability without compromising style – adorn your hair with the Scrunchie and let your locks dance with love and purpose. Limited pieces available.

Main: Linen Tencel Blend

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For every purchase, Salient Label is planting 1 mangrove tree 🌱 in Sumatra, Indonesia. You do not have to pay extra cent to participate in planting mangroves with us. To find out more on how we plant these mangroves, click here.
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There may be a slight colour discrepancy between your PC screen and the actual product. Kindly allow 1-2cm measurement discrepancy.

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