This dress is a V-neck midi sleeveless dress made from Cupro and Viscose

Cupro Fabric: A sustainable silk alternative

In the rapidly evolving world of sustainable fashion, sustainable fabrics have become more renowned. Let’s delve into the intriguing material, cupro, which is gaining recognition as a sustainable and versatile fabric.


What is Cupro?

Cupro, also known as cuprammonium rayon is a semi-synthetic fibre derived from the cellulose of recycled cotton, specifically the fluffy fibres surrounding cotton seeds. These fluffy fibres are known as linter fibres (Hodakael, n.d).

cupro fabric


How is Cupro Made?

Cupro is crafted through a meticulous process of dissolving the linter fibres with a cuprammonium solution. The cuprammonium linter fibres are then extruded into fine filaments. These filaments are then spun into yarns, which are then woven into fabric obtaining the silky Cupro fabric (Hodakael, n.d).


Sustainable and Luxurious Cupro

Now to answer the burning question, “How is Cupro Sustainable?”.

First and foremost, as a by-product of cotton, the production of Cupro reduces waste in the textile industry. Linter fibres which are originally discarded after production are now used and given a new purpose (Hodakael, n.d).

On top of that its production process requires lesser amounts of water during production as compared to viscose (Blackburn, 2005).

Additionally, unlike its soft and smooth counterpart silk, the production of cupro does not use animals or insects. Hence Cupro is vegan and cruelty-free, minimising ecological harm.

Lastly, at the end of its lifecycle, Cupro breaks down naturally. This means the material is fully biodegradable hence reducing its impact on the environment (Matthes, 2020).


Finding a Sustainable Piece?

Finding a silky smooth luxurious piece? We got you with our cupro collection!

The Savanna Cupro Flare Midi Dress is the perfect flowy dress suitable for work and night outs. This dress not only has extremely soft and smooth fabric crafted from cupro, the fabric’s breathable nature ensures comfort in warmer weathers. 

As an added bonus, there are pockets for storing your phone so you always have it with you.


The perfect dress for styling up is here! Presenting Hekate V-neck Cupro Cocoon Dress. This dress is not only breathable and comfortable in warmer weathers, it also allows you to style effortlessly.

The back tie allows you to tie it as you like, be it up or down.


Go back to the stylish basics with the Bhumi Tie-sash Cupro Dress in Coal. This dress is available in midi and mini lengths. This flowy cami dress brings not only style but comfort. Making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


Finding THE perfect tops for summer adventures? Whether it's work or a day at the beach, we have it all.

The Eval Tie-sash Cupro Cami Top is the perfect cami top with a twist! This top is not only soft and comfortable to the skin it is a fashion statement with its inverted v back panel.

Perfect top to style effortlessly.


The perfect work essential for warmer days is here! The Valencia Cupro Side Drape Top is the perfect for a casual work day.

Style effortlessly in comfort with this soft fabric top.


Have a fun day out with Hekate EcoVero™ Cupro Tie-back Top. Style effortlessly in comfort with the playful tie-back detail.

The perfect fit for a beach day out.

Who said you can’t look fashionably stylish sustainably!

How to Care for Your Beloved Cupro Pieces

Cupro is relatively low maintenance.

Hand washing or machine washing using a gentle cycle with cold water is the most optimal way to care for your Cupro pieces.

During washing avoid using harsh chemicals and bleach. To retain its softness and colour use mild detergent when washing your beloved Cupro clothes.

When ironing, avoid high temperatures as Cupro ignites at around 82°C. 

Therefore, it is recommended to iron on low heat or use a steam iron with the most gentle setting to maintain Cupro’s lustrous appearance.


Cupro is not just a fabric; it's a sustainable fashion revolution. With its luxurious texture, eco-friendly manufacturing process, and minimal care requirements, Cupro stands as a symbol of elegance and ethical fashion. Choose Cupro for a wardrobe that doesn't just look good but also feels good for our planet.



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