The Heartfelt Origins of Mother’s Day- Honouring Motherhood

Every year, we set aside a special day to celebrate the women who have shaped our lives with love, sacrifice, and unwavering support—our mothers. But how did this tradition of Mother's Day come to be? Explore with us the heartfelt origins of Mother's Day and the profound significance it holds in our hearts.


The Early Beginnings

The concept of honouring mothers dates back to ancient civilisations, where festivals were held to pay tribute to maternal figures and the nurturing qualities they embody. These celebrations often coincided with the arrival of spring, symbolising rebirth and fertility.

The Current Modern Times

The modern iteration of Mother's Day can be traced back to the 19th century, when women's rights activist Ann Reeves Jarvis organised "Mother's Day Work Clubs" to teach women how to properly care for their children. These clubs later became a unifying force in a region of the country still divided over the Civil War. In 1868 Jarvis organised “Mothers’ Friendship Day,” at which mothers gathered with former Union and Confederate soldiers to promote reconciliation.

Another precursor to Mother’s Day came from the abolitionist and suffragette Julia Ward Howe. In 1870 Howe wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation,” a call to action that asked mothers to unite in promoting world peace. In 1873 Howe campaigned for a “Mother’s Peace Day” to be celebrated every June 2.

The Day of Remembrance

The official Mother’s Day holiday arose in the 1900s as a result of the efforts of Anna Jarvis, daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis. On May 10, 1908, the first official Mother's Day celebration took place at a church in West Virginia, organised by Anna Jarvis as a tribute to her late mother. The event garnered widespread attention, prompting calls for a national observance of Mother's Day.

Recognition in the US

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation designating the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day, making it an official holiday in the United States. The holiday quickly gained popularity, spreading across the globe as a day to honour mothers and maternal figures.

Celebrating Mother’s Day Worldwide

Today, Mother's Day is celebrated in countries around the world, each with its own unique customs and traditions. While the date may vary, the sentiment remains the same—to express gratitude and appreciation for the selfless love and dedication of mothers everywhere.

As we celebrate Mother's Day each year, we are reminded of the profound impact mothers have on our lives. Whether biological, adoptive, or maternal figures who have played a nurturing role, Mother's Day serves as an opportunity to express our love and gratitude for their unwavering support and guidance.

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Mother's Day is more than just a holiday—it's a heartfelt tribute to the women who have shaped us into the individuals we are today. As we honour mothers past and present, this Mother’s Day, let us cherish the memories, celebrate the love, and express our deepest gratitude for the irreplaceable bond of motherhood.